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Located in Watkinsville, Georgia, and serving clients in Athens and throughout Oconee County, The Laster Law Firm, LLC, is committed to simplifying your real estate transaction and bringing peace to your house. Our lead attorney, John Laster, has more than 20 years of experience representing Georgians in a broad range of complex real estate, elder law, estate management and probate cases. Mr. Laster is committed to working closely with each client to protect their rights and guard their interests throughout any and all complicated real property transactions.

Whether you are closing on a property, preparing end-of-life plans or administering probate, our firm can help ensure the process is fair, efficient and peaceful. Take out the stress with a trusted Georgia real estate attorney — contact The Laster Law Firm, LLC, at 706-510-2813.

Give The Stress To Us

At our firm, we are committed to taking the stress out of real estate and elder law. From the moment you decide to start shopping or selling, our lead attorney, John Laster, will work closely alongside you to make sure you are treated fairly and your rights are protected. Mr. Laster can evaluate your title, issue title insurance, review closing documents, coordinate communication among the various parties involved in your transaction and ensure that all monies are appropriately distributed — all while guarding your financial interests.

Elder law often goes hand-in-hand with real estate closings, and at our firm you can get sound, comprehensive legal counsel in both areas. Our team can assist your family in developing a long-term care plan ensuring your family's assets are protected and the dignity of your beloved elder is preserved. Attorney John Laster can also help families navigate complex Georgia law as they manage an estate or administer probate.

During difficult times, your family deserves strong legal counsel to advocate for them and shoulder some of the burden. Take the stress out of your real estate and elder law transactions with The Laster Law Firm, LLC, and have more time to focus on what's important.

Simplifying Your Life

At The Laster Law Firm, LLC, our team understands the emotional and financial magnitude of a real estate transaction and will work diligently to ensure that your interests and rights are entirely guarded. Georgia real estate and elder law are exceedingly complex, but with the help of a talented and experienced lawyer, you can rest assured your transaction will be handled efficiently and satisfactorily. To start relieving your real estate stress today, contact our firm at 706-510-2813.

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