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Take The Stress Out Of Estate Management

Regardless of your age or wealth, establishing an estate plan is always a prudent decision. In the event you become disabled or pass on, an estate plan allows your surviving family members to inherit your assets as you intended. An estate plan can also help your family avoid unnecessary disputes, and even litigation, arising from disagreements about how your estate should be distributed.

At The Laster Law Firm, LLC, our lead attorney, John Laster, has extensive experience assisting clients in drafting estate plans. Mr. Laster can help you understand the complicated process of estate planning in Georgia, as well as offer guidance and counsel in times of uncertainty. To arrange your estate plan with a trusted and experienced estate planning attorney, contact The Laster Law Firm, LLC, at 706-510-2813.

A Comprehensive Estate Plan

At our Watkinsville estate management firm, our lead attorney, John Laster, will work closely alongside you to ensure that you have established a responsible estate plan that clearly reflects your goals and interests. Our comprehensive estate planning firm can help clients:

  • Prepare wills
  • Establish living trusts
  • Create financial and medical powers of attorney

In addition, Mr. Laster can help you navigate Georgia state law surrounding estate planning and offer counsel should you feel concerned or unsure about how to proceed.

Hand Over The Stress To Us

Drafting an estate plan can be a delicate issue that causes a great deal of stress within a family. However, a talented and experienced estate planning lawyer can relieve that burden and help preserve the unity of your family.

For over 20 years, John Laster has assisted clients of all ages in establishing estate plans that meets their individual goals and prevent future disputes with loved ones. While estate planning can be a stressful time in your life, it doesn't have to be. Contact The Laster Law Firm, LLC, at 706-510-2813 and hand over the stress to us.

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