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Protecting Your Property Title

At The Laster Law Firm, LLC, we realize buying or selling a piece of property can bring on a great deal of stress. For many of our clients, real estate transactions involving their houses are some of the largest financial transactions they will make in their lifetimes. This, coupled with the emotional gravity that comes with leaving or acquiring a home, can be overwhelming.

At our firm, our trusted closing attorney, John Laster, has extensive experience with Georgia title law and can thoroughly examine a property title and issue title insurance. Our firm conducts full property title searches to determine whether the title is clear to transfer. Given the financial magnitude of your close, it is understandable to be stressed about the title of your property — but you don't have to be. At The Laster Law Firm, LLC, our talented team takes the stress out of your closing and restores your peace of mind. To contact a respected Georgia title insurance attorney, call our firm today at 706-510-2813.

A Title Insurance Attorney You Can Rely On

At our Watkinsville firm, we provide a comprehensive legal service, and we work to ensure your interests are guarded and your rights are protected through each step of your closing. Importantly, this means examining and issuing insurance on your title.

In conducting a title examination, our firm can determine whether there are any issues which need to be resolved on the title before it is purchased. We can check for existing liens, judgments, mortgages and restrictions to use. Sometimes, these conditions can be well hidden and therefore require the scrutiny of an experienced lawyer to uncover.

In addition to examining your title, trusted attorney John Laster can also assist you in protecting your title from any undiscovered or unforeseen issues through title insurance. Mr. Laster can help your family develop a title insurance plan that isn't only affordable, but fully meets your needs.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

At The Laster Law Firm, LLC, we recognize that closing on a property is a difficult, complex experience. Often, our clients come to us concerned about how to proceed or concerned whether they are on the right track.

At our firm, we eliminate that stress by offering a comprehensive legal service on all real property transactions. Whether you need your title examined and insured, your closing documents reviewed, closing monies dispersed or simply need advice on what to do next, let The Laster Law Firm, LLC, do the heavy lifting. Contact our trusted title insurance attorney today at 706-510-2813 and restore your peace of mind.

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